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Tokavuh Stream Control

Early acecss information, things may change!

Tokavuh Stream Control is available on April 24th on Steam. The software is Early Access, but is completely functional and is already used by streamers around the world. The mobile app is available on beta at Google Play. For iOS sign up for TestFlight testing with your Apple account.

Tokavuh Stream Control is a system for simpler and more comfortable streaming experience. It can fix the things missing from OBS Studio, like animations, easy scene switching, handling microphone muting etc. It's especially useful for users without a separate display to use for monitoring and interacting with OBS Studio.

The system consists of a PC application running on the streaming machine with OBS Studio (possible to run on another machine also, some features will not work) and any device with a browser (tablet, phone etc). The PC application is used to define functions on the button pad and the mobile device will allow the user to control the stream with these functions showing the button pad.

The buttons can be embedded in folders so the amount is unlimited. In the future there will be possibility for multiple decks to ease the use when lots of buttons are needed.

Buttons can be programmed to do several things at once. You can, for example, switch to a Be Right Back scene with animations, mute your microphone and game sounds and turn on some music with a single button.

The user can also choose to use multiple mobile devices for controlling the system and the grid size is changeable to allow for more buttons at once especially on tablet screen sizes.

There is no need to purchase separate hardware to control the system since almost any existing mobile phone or tablet will work as a controller. You can also bind keyboard shortcuts for all the buttons if you want, which allows you to run everything from your keyboard.

The software supports dual PC setups where you run it on the gaming PC and connect to a separate streaming PC running the streaming software.

PC Application

Mobile Application

Some Features


The closest similar system to Stream Control is the Elgato Stream Deck. The main difference is you don't need to buy any hardware to use Stream Control and you have a lot more features available to you. Streamlabs OBS also has their own app but it is not more than a barebones system.

Note that currently Streamlabs OBS doesn't support all the features Tokavuh Stream Control can do on OBS Studio, so the experience is not exactly the same with these products.

: yes, : no, : coming later

Stream Control
Elgato Stream Deck Streamlabs OBS
Remote Control
Software / Service Support
OBS Studio yes yes no
Streamlabs OBS yes yes yes
Streamlabs coming yes yes
Twitch yes yes no
Streaming Software Features
Scene Switching yes yes yes
Hide/show items on screen yes yes yes
Mute/unmute sources yes yes yes
Mute/unmute sources with fade yes no no
Control streaming yes yes yes
Control recording yes yes yes
Control volume yes no no
Moving items on screen yes no no
Animating items on screen yes no no
Show stream status yes no no
Works with 32bit and 64bit OBS Studio yes no no
General Features
Same functions on all
supported streaming applications
yes no no
Customizable buttons yes yes no
Send hotkeys yes yes no
Multimedia buttons yes yes no
Play sounds yes yes no
Opening websites yes yes no
Opening applications yes yes no
Multiple decks/profiles coming yes no
Multiple simultaenous controllers yes yes yes
Control with hotkeys yes no yes
Control with MIDI yes no yes
Multiple functions on one button yes yes no
Counters yes no no
Timers yes no no
Works without special hardware yes no yes
Custom amount of buttons coming no no
Price Early Access $19.99
(unlimited controllers)
(per controller)

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